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Posted FORUM TOPIC: sweets and veggi kids
by alison
hi everyone
i'm having problems navigating the whole gelatine in sweets issue.
i've two children 4 and 6 i try to avoid sweets containing gelatine,i dont buy these sweets but my problem is party bags containing them, also generous grandparents with failing eyesight.
with the party bags i try to be prepared by having sweets to swop but sometimes i get caught out . mostly the parents are aware we are a vegetarian family but have no idea where galatine comes from. i do try and inform parents as much as possible but i do feel awkward. these parents are kind enough to invite my children and accommodate our dietry choices, sometimes i feel pushing the sweets issue is going to far as this is not a choice my children have made so should i deny them .
i have given my older son the choice by letting him know that the sweet has gelatine in it and where it comes from but the lure of a brightly colured sweet wins hands down.
does anyone else have similar problems or do you find it more clear cut - its got gelatine in so they dont get it.
i'd love to hear your comments.
by StephersGeary
I never realised until recently that gelatin was a meat extract. I was very shocked to find this out AFTER eating some. I now check the packets very carefully. I dont think you are being pushy, its nice to know that you are giving your kids the option, but also allowing them to see that eating meat isnt always good...
by cdidcott
Maybe your 4 year old is too young to understand but the 6 year old may if you explain exactly how gelatine is made.

When you tell them that gelatin is made by boiling animal bones, ligament, hoofs, skin, heads etc... I think they may make all the necessary precautions to avoid eating gelatin themselves.

Geltin is minging but I have a couple of veggie kids recipes on my site check em out!
by vegetarian_queen
Hey, skittles and starburst are both veggie friendly! Starburst are doing new sweets too called starburts choozers, which has this lovely sticky tasy substance inside, and they dont contain gelatine either. good luck, hope this helps x

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