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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Eating the same everyday?
by Sean
What do you think, any advise? I have just become veggie. I have also just joined the police and my scheudle is pretty packed- so I eat the same everyday!! I have carefully devised a diet which includes everything I believe I need including adequete iron, zinc, omega 3, B12, protein, vitimins etc, the lot..I guess I don't eat for pleasure, more for "fuel"-"eat to live"..I make a huge batch of veggie goodness every couple of weeks which I freeze down in small bags and have one a day as my main meal on brown rice. Even though my diet through-out the day is varied my diet from day to day is not.
Is this good or not so? Any advice would be greatly recieved.
ps.It saves on food cost too, because I buy exactly whats needed for the week.
by Jane
I would just say that you need to make sure that you don't get bored with eating the same food over and over again as it will make it harder to stick too being a vegetarian. Have you had a look at the recipe page to give you any ideas? You can buy good books that suggest different recipes and ideas for your lunch box. but I get your point about being able to know what you need for each week. What I do is plan a week in advance of what I will be cooking and make up my shopping list for that so that I do vary what I eat and won't become bored.

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