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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Slimming World Recipes??
by Helen
Does anyone know of any vegetarian slimming world recipies?
by jane
Have you just started on the diet?I personally think that the Slimming World diet is one of the best for vegetarians. I have found others are so restrictive especially if you don't eat fish. As regards recipes, I don't remember too many off them but I did and still use a lot of quorn products that are "syn free" in pasta sauces, veggie lasagne and stir fry etc. I will try and dig out some of the recipes and post them.
by lynne
hi helen, what about roast vegetables,i had this for my tea last night,chop up any veg in to bite sized chunks i used tomato,new potato,red and green peppers,corgettes,aubergine,onion and garlic,sprinkle with mixed herbs, spray with fry light and roast in the can have it on its own or serve with rice or for a red day a pork chop.this recipe is free on a green day or if you are havig a red day the the poatoes will be a healthy extra
by jane
Hi Helen
I have put my own adapted roasted veg and quorn lasagane on the recipe section (under main courses) and it could be syn free if you use the cheese as a healthy extra. I am not on slimming world at the moment but I do feel good when I eat this as it is healthy Hope you enjoy
by clarabella
Any ideas for healthy A and b options? I tend to end up with cread and cheese! I would like a change once in a while...
by dancingqueen
has anyone any vegetarian recipes i can use for dinners in the evening, i have just started slimming world and need recipes to help me lose some weight thanks joan

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