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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Holidays - Sardinia
by Pauline
Has anyone who has visited Sardinia found any vegan or vegetarian restaurants - or just restaurants that serve vegan/veggie food? I'd appreciate any info'.
by willow
well, I have not actually visited Sardinia myself but I have found out by reading, that the food has a very Italian influence and is quite cheap. They do vegetarian pasta and vegetable dishes and pizza is very big (it is recommended you seek out a wood oven baked pizza as this has a fantastic taste). They eat alot of bread, cheese, meats and fish and use very fresh ingredients.
Apparently they have fantastic restaurants down little back roads that are all sign posted but they are worth going too because it leads to a lovely restaurant in a beautiful location. I hope this helps. let us know how you got on and what you found out. I love travelling and it is really useful to know what experience other people have had and what to do if you ever decide to go yourself. Have a great time!
by Louise
Hi Pauline
We are thinking of going to Sardinia this July and I wondered if you had any luck there for veggie food when you went? I eat vegetarian cheese and free range eggs, but from experience I am anticipating that it will be hard to find restaurants that are familiar with what vegetarian cheese is. Found a couple of restaurants that serve "vegetarian" food but usually this turns out to be unimaginative green salad and pasta with red sauce with little or no protein content. Would love to hear if you found anywhere nice.
Thanks a mil!
by Meat is murder
The marinara pizza is vegan and available in most restaurants - delicious!

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