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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Veganism
by VeganJehad
Hello there.

I would like to talk to you vegetarians out there about Veganism...

Why vegetarian? Well, I see vegetarianism as a starting point, its somewhere to get your bearings at STARTING to live a cruelty free life-when brought up as a meat eater. Vegetarianism is mearly a transitional period, quite possibly lasting a year while you suss out all of the places to buy alternatives such as vegetarian shoes (which many veggies dont seem to bother to do anyway-no personal critisism intended). Veganism should morally and ethically be the ultimate outcome, living a completely cruelty free lifestyle.

Many people seem to put up a barrier when it comes to veganism, I can assure you it is quite easy, every single thing you can buy in a 'cruelty' way can be substituted in a completely cruelty free way. This is with EVERYTHING!-shoes, coats, hats, foods-cheese-meat substitutes-make up-condoms!! ALL OF IT. There really is no need to mearly be vegetarian.

Once deciding on a vegan diet- just do it, Stop drinking the milk and eating the cheese- stop agonising over it- just do it!

I hope that many of you today from this post have stopped and thought and quite possibly converted to a vegan (cruelty free) way of life. Unfortunetely I must say that mere vegetarianism is still unethical and morally inept.
by helen
.... interesting!!!
by Vicky
Hello,i think this makes much sense and i will now be vegan. thank you for your help in this.

Vicky xxx
by me
i disagree. i admire vegans for making such a big effort but i don't think it's as easy as you say... you would have to make a LOT of compromises!

i also disagree with your statement
"Unfortunately I must say that mere vegetarianism is still unethical and morally inept"

that is simply your opinion and i totally disagree. i don't understand what's wrong with drinking milk? no animals were killed for it?
by helen
I have to say I agree with "me". I totally disagree with the comment that vegetarianism is still unethical and morally inept. VeganJehad has very strong opinions and they are just that - opinions, shared by others as well, but just an opinion. I know vegans that still wear leather shoes - is that really correct to do?? Some vegetarians are veggies because they simply don't want to eat the flesh of the animal but is quite happy to eat milk and cheese that is produced without killing the animal. I eat vegan cheese and drink soya milk but I don't condemn people that do eat cheese and drink milk.
by gibby
I never though I would go veggie, as a friend of mine was always banging on about it.
But years later I went veggie.
but the longer I did it the better I got - finding out that alot of booze wasnt veggie, cleaning products often were not veggie.
Then one day I learnt about the suffering cows and chickens went through for our sake.
i went vegan & never looked back

i see the whole thing as a journey.
but by having ago at others for not beings as good - drives ppl away

just by being veggie we are making a massive difference, by avoiding leather shoes we make a bigger difference
but we all take it a step at a time

by jule
vegans are very cool ,but I live with my sister an mother and they I donīt think that they are going to eat vegan ,too.
but i think I will try it !
by Angel
I have quite a bit of conflicting ideologies with vegans who tout the 'cruelty-free' story. I am a vegetarian. I am a vegetarian because for me to eat meat a living creature with self-awareness must die. I do not wear leather for the same reason nor do I eat gelatin products. The use of milk and cheese does NOT require an animal to die. I have had the practices of dairy farmers explained to me before but this is THEIR choice - not mine and taking responsibility for another persons choice is, at best, emotionally unhealthy.

At what point do you quit? To get a job where I live, I must buy a car. It turns out that every car manufacturer has factories on land that used to be home to animals that have been displaced causing them unneccessary hardship and/or death and a natural habitat that has been completely destroyed all in the name of profit by greedy people who want to make money and increase profits. Not to mention the fact that the metals used to make my car have been mined from the earth in a myriad of environmentally unfriendly ways displacing even MORE animals and destroying yet more eco-systems. Many of the parts for every car on the planet was built in sweatshops by child labor or adults who are not earning a living wage and have few, if any, benefits. After reviewing all of these points - perhaps I should not buy a car and miss out on the job opportunity which would have provided me money to buy food for my family and instead feed them the warm fuzzy feeling they will certainly get from realizing how I am helping the environment, the planet and the animals.

I'm not out to control other peoples behavior - just my own. I know you prolly won't like my post... but the fact of the matter is, I'm vegetarian and *I* cringe whenever a vegetarian or vegan approaches me and starts talking about it - it's never a conversation, it's always a sales pitch. If I'm turned off by it I can only imagine how omni's feel. When over 97% of the people (non-vegetarian) recoil from a message, the delivery isn't working.
by just_me
I can see veganjehad's point, though the delivery wasn't very delicate
Animals do go through a lot of suffering even if they are not killed for milk! A cow has to be kept pregnant all her life to give milk.. A milking cow is only kept at a dairy farm for around 5 years by which time it becomes too exhausted to produce the expected amount of milk and is sold for meat! Humans are the only animals who drink other animals' milk. This is not at all natural! Not to mention the hormones that the cows are fed etc. If you haven't yet seen it, watch the Earthlings documentary, and you'll see why vegans have opted to live so

by BarelYThere
Yes, I'm with justme. I've got more of a problem with dairy cows than animals killed for meat, because an intensively farmed dairy cow is a very sad sight and has to live a lot longer in awful conditions than other animals killed for meat. There is of course the other argument, which is what are human beings doing drinking the milk of a cow designed for calves in the first place, when most of the world's population can't digest cow's milk.
So what do I do? Buying organic milk all the time is expensive, so I'm cutting it out over time and using soya milk a lot.
I'm not entirely with veganjehad about vegetarians being a bit of a cop out. If meat eaters, (never mind vegetarians), cut their meat consumption to twice a week, and used the extra budget to eat good quality meat, the dreaded factory farming of meat would be all but gone - heart disease, obesity etc would fall in levels. Cutting down would make a huge difference. The vegetarian is a big step further than that. Still got an issue with dairy though and I am interested in the vegan way.
by roslily
It isn't that easy. I tried, and it was awful, constantly checking labels, being anal whenI went out for dinner, only being able to have a salad. I found most veggie foods have some trace of egg or meat in them.

I don't drink milk, or but eggs, buit I do eat things with traces in them. I know this is not perfect, but I couldn't do it. Being vegan made me feel good for week (well self righteous!) and then horrible, as I felt there was so much i couldn't have.

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