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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Trying to give up milk
by abby
I am trying to come off milk - I don't drink it on its own but do like milk on my cerial and in tea and coffe. Any ideas for a substitute?
by yanton
I use sainsbury soya milk, sweetened with apple juice (the cheaper alternative which is sweeterned with cane suger is yeuk) and this is superb on cereals and for milk shakes etc.

But I have not yet found a coffee substiture, so I use coffee mate powder.
by Marie
What does Soy milk taste like compared to regualr milk? Is it thicker?
by sue
I have found that it has a distint taste of it's own. It is slightly more thicker than regular milk - Don't think it will replace regular milk, because it doesn't. I like soya milk on my cerial but not in tea and coffee - at the moment I am drinking black tea and coffee.
by marie
Thank you. I was wondering about soya milk. I will have to try it. I recently choose the vegetarian life style and I really like it. I am hoping to lose weight in the process. I guess I will have to wait and see.
by jane
Be careful, because being vegetarian doesn't automatically mean you will loose weight - you can still eat very fatty foods and still be over weight despite having a vegetarian lifestyle. I don't know how others keep their weight down but I know I have a battle!
by marie
I understand that and I know what you mean. I already lost 3lbs and I have been trying to eat really healthy. Avoiding fried foods and most sweets. I am doing my best to still maintain a healthy diet. Thanks for the heads up!
by sam
I found that when I cut out dairy and wheat, the weight fell off me but I have found it so hard to stick too. I mostly ate nuts, pulses, fruit, veg. I also drank plenty of water. Even then, there are foods that don't contain dairy and wheat and they are still really high in fat (bad fats) so you really have to be careful
by sue
I have just found the low fat soya milk and that doesn't taste too bad at all. Great if you are trying to stick to a low fat diet
by Earthmother
Alpro soya milk (the one in the blue box) is the one I find tastes best in tea and coffee and on cereal.
by rock cottage
Soya milk's great on cereals and coffee whitener is even better than milk in tea or coffee.
Unsweetened soya milk is the best bet, takes a bit to get used to the taste but once you do its great. Tesco soya milk is also quite cheap.
by BarelYThere
Marie - if you're trying to lose weight, stick to a diet you'll know you will be able to love with over the long-term - because if you try something faddy now, like cutting out bread, you may lose weight, but will put it back on again as soon as you start eating bread again. I've lost a lot of weight over the last year. The food I eat now is going to be the food I eat for the rest of my life and my weight will be stable at 8 stone 11lbs. I eat all the things I want but I control the amount of what I eat. By the way - love Alpro soya milk. Prefer it to cow's milk. It doesn't work too well in coffee, but for some reason, if you buy it from a Starbucks or Costa, it does. Must be something to do with the way they make the coffee. For savoury dishes use the unsweetened version of soya milk. Sweetened Alpro is delicious in porridge. As a company, Alpro is also very environmentally aware in that its soya products come from sustainable sources.

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