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Posted FORUM TOPIC: egg replacer
by Beany
Can anyone tell me where I can find egg replacer? I have seen it in different recipes but have not been able to buy it. I have tried Holland and Barrett but they just look at me strangly!!
by Vee
What kind of egg replacer are you looking for? Is it dried eggs or something completely different?
by beany
It is a vegan product that totally replaces egg- I have come across it in recipes.
by Vee
Well I'm really stumped but will keep an eye out for you and maybe someone else will know!!
by letty brown
Egg replacer - I sometimes use lineed - a desert spoon of seeds plus the same amount of liquid and then leave the ingredients to stand for about an hour before cooking. It does not make food rise - but helps bind ingredients together.
A product called orgran is the egg replacer you can buy it from

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