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Posted FORUM TOPIC: complementary medicine
by sam
What are your views on complementary medicine? - it seems to be on the news recently as the government are recommending the NHS don't use it due to money. I really do like using complementary medicine and I don't mind using it alongside conventional medicine, but I do lean more on complementary - and I don't go through the NHS, I pay for it all myself! I am interested in what people think about it.
by Helen
I am really lucky, I have a doctor that does actually support it. I feel so much more confident when I talk to him as he knows that I am more interested in natural ways of healing and he will do that route for me rather than conventional. I wasn't so lucky with my son's specialist who in no uncertain terms laid down the rules that we were to use no natural ways of healing at all - that instantly got my back up.
by sam
Helen, I am not suprised you were put out! you are lucky to have a doctor that does understand, because in the main, I think it is dismissed too quickly. I hope your son is ok, now
by gogirlveggie
I am starting to be convinced that natural is the way to go - I wasn't to start with, but as time has gone on I am finding that if I can do things naturally I do feel so much better. One thing I was recommended to go on was Floredix because my iron level was low and I have to say that I am really impressed with it and I feel so much better and I will definately be trying other things as well.
by boo
I was recommended Floredix for low iron levels and it was brilliant and it came without all the side effects of pescribed iron tablets! I would recommend this to anyone that wants to go natuaral

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