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Posted FORUM TOPIC: meals and snacks
by Jammie
I find that I tend to eat a lot of rubbish so on a bid to get healthy I am eating fruit as a snack but I am always hungry and they don't seem to fill me up at all, I then have to find other things to eat! Any ideas?
by jo
I find a variety of seed and nuts are really filling and give you a full feeling - or I will eat breakfast bars or something simular.
by sam
Don't forget to drink lots of water - lots of people think they are hungry when in fact they need to drink a lot more water!
by sue
try the slimming world crisps, posted by beany, they are lovely and low in fat
by helen
I eat lots of nuts and seeds - I find that they fill you up and they are very good for you (remember that they are high in fat, but it is the good fats)
by Elle
My favourite snack is Ryvita crispbreads spread with marmite or cottage cheese and the mini Ryvita crisps - both low in fat I think!
by sue
re Elle, both Ryvita are low in fat and you can put loads of different toppings on. The packets of mini Ryvita are handy to take out with you for a quick snack.
by benjammin
I used to eat chocolate digestives by the packet cause they are so addictive but now for a healthy snack I eat "eat natural" bars and I get these from Tesco - they come in different flavours and are well nice and really good for you.

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