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Posted FORUM TOPIC: sandwiches
by Andy
I need some ideas for sandwiches or luches to take to work that don't get boring!! Can anyone give me some ideas please.
by Jo
I take tortilla wraps with cheese and salad in them. I also take in veg soup and heat that up. Hoummus and dips. Pitta bread with a choice of fillings. ryvita with a different choice of fillings.
by Vee
The obvious pasta salad is still nice to take! There are many different sandwich fillers to use so that you don't get bored. I don't know if you like quorn products but that really opens up options for you as they have pretend ham, turkey and chicken and they do sausages that you can cook and put in. They do pate which is nice to take with crakers or pitta bread or simular. I sometimes take pasta already cooked and topped with a tomato and quorn sauce and heat that in the microwave! Hope that has given you some ideas!
by casio
I sometimes take a bagel and cream cheese - that is nice for a change
by sam2
i sometime have, pitta bread filled with southern fried quorn burger sliced, salad n sun dried tomato with a splodge of mayo. yummy
by brian
I really don't like that quorn ham, chicken, turkey style meats that go in your sandwiches and sometimes I just get so bored with my sandwiches that I take a bowl of cerial (lazy, don't you think)!!!!
by kizzy
sam2 has a great idea by slicing a quorn burger and adding to it. thanx
by soy4breakfast
Meatless Rueben Sandwich:

Rye or marble bread
thousand island dressing
by rock cottage
Morrisons do "stuffing" slices, they taste great. Much better than nasty quorn. Quorn stuff makes me sick.
by BarelYThere
Pitta bread filled with avocado, cucumber, tomato, spinach and maybe some chunks of grilled halloumi. If you mash the avocado and add just about anything to it (like beans, or chunks of tofu) the avocado will act like butter and hold everything together in the pitta bread, making it easier to eat.
by GreenAlice
I'm a big fan of Tartex pate, lots of different flavours and lovely in a sandwich with sliced cucumber.

Those 'Deli' Sage and Onion slices mentioned above, are I agree, much nicer than Quorn 'ham', and with sliced tomato and lettuce, do exactly the same job as reformed meaty-mush slices.

Spicy bean paste is nice, just process some tinned kidney beans with tomato paste, salt and chilli pepper to taste. A little oil added will make it taste more satisfying. In a sarni with shredded lettuce and sliced pickled chillies, if you dare.

Hummus always rocks.

Brie and bitter salad leaves.

Free-range egg and watercress.

Thick sliced mushrooms marinated in soy sauce, with baby spinach leaves, in thick sliced granary bread, spread with herby cream cheese...

Greek salad in pitta.

Nut roast with chutney.

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