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Viewed: 2002 -- Replies: 8
Posted FORUM TOPIC: Rice Milk
by Beany
Can anyone tell me what they think of Rice Milk if they have tried it? I normally drink soya - I don't know if the taste is simular?
by highlighter
I drink it to have a change from soya every now and then. It is a lot thinner than soya milk and I don't think it actually tastes too bad (I prefer soya milk though).
by sue
I have heard of Almond milk but have never tried this - is it nice? and where would I get it from to try it?
by Chris
One of my house mates used to make almond milk, but i never tried it so can't tell you what it is like, a recepie can be found here however:
by Elle
I am not a big fan of rice milk, mainly because it is so thin and I prefer soya. I haven't tried almond milk but apparently it has quite a sweet flavour.
by caleb
Just a warning if you are using soya milk in tea and coffee (if you can cope with the taste!) that if it goes in when the coffee has just been made, it splits and looks horrible so just add a drop of cold water before you put it in and it should solve the problem.
by soy4breakfast
Rice milk doesn't have as much nutritional value as soy milk. I know this because after my son turned one I talked to my doctor who advised soy milk over rice (as well as feeding my son avacado for the fat content he would be lacking from whole milk).
by BarelYThere
I like rice milk, but quite happy with Alpro soya, so usually just buy the odd small carton of it.
by SunshineLollipops
I like rice milk for drinking, but it's useless for cooking because it makes everything sweet.

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