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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Protein in diet
by mojo
How do I know if I am getting enough protein in my diet? I eat quorn meals but I am getting stuck as to what to eat now. I have to watch my weight as well and I am finding that difficult to do. any ideas?
by veggy peg
the magic mix is supposed to be pulses and whole cereals. each supplies part of the amino acides / protiens that apart are incomplete, but together give the full spectrum of body proteins reqd.
by sharon
There are lots of things to get protein from for example;
Soya Milk
Pine nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds
so you don't need to eat meat to get protein in your diet as so many people believe.
by penny
Chick peas are high in protein.
by sharon
You can buy chick pea flour and I have heard of a recipe where you can make pancakes with it - good for a vegan! I will try and dig it out and post it on the recipe section
by BarelYThere
All I know is that people eat way too much protein. I've read that for a meat eater to gain enough protein in a single day, they need only eat a piece of steak, fish or something similar that is equal in size to a deck of cards. Not very big, and when you consider most other foods you eat have some protein in them too. So for a vegetarian, I'm imagining half a pack of tofu, couple of eggs or a portion of beans maybe. Tofu is great as a low-fat option, as are beans, lentils and quorn as sharon says. Chestnuts are the lowest in fat of nuts and are great in a soup or blended for pate.
by foodsforlife
Most things have protein in them even potatoes and porridge.

Technically we need very little - with todays modern lifestyles and diets extra protein is useful to balance blood sugar and manage weight.

It's hard to eat too much protein on a plant based diet as it nearly all comes with free carbohydrates and fibre.

Useful extra foods are shelled hempseeds, buckwheat pasta, quinoa, sprouted amaranth, peanuts and other seeds and tempeh.

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