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by Beany
What do you do about going out for a BBQ? do you eat the veggie burger they have done for you despite it being done on a meat griddle? I never know what to do in those situations.
by clover
I really don't mind if it is done on the same grill as the meat.
by Vee
I find my friends are so accommodating - they will cook my food first on a clean griddle and then the meat follows. They always go out of their way to do something nice and they will use different tools from the ones they use for meat foods. sweet friends!
by sam2
Same here vee
by soy4breakfast
I would prefer my veg burger not be cooked on a meat grill, but I sure don't throw a fit if it was. I am usually the odd one anyways at these events, and any effort is better than none. I figure people are there having a good time why start throwing tantrums and declairing things contaminated and uneatible!
by soy4breakfast
Just throwing this one out there... grilled eggplant eaten like a hamburger is freakin' awesome!!!
by moomoo
There is no way I would eat food that has been cooked on a griddle that has already cooked meat. I find people will often cook the veggie option first thank fully.

I do think it is worth emphasising this to people, as pretending not to mind educates no one. Then you just end up getting asked if you eat fish.....

A grat bbq option is to marinate pieces of pepper and red onion and mushroom in a little olive oil, chilli flakes and honey. Then parcel them up in foil and cook on the bbq until charred. Pop the contents once cooken onto a wrap with mayo -they are delicious. make plenty as all the meat eaters will want them too!!!

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