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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Eating in Malta
by willow
I found a brilliant place to eat out in Malta when I flew there on my hols. It did dairy and wheat free food - I ended up spending most of my time eating there. The added bonus was that it had a wonderful view over the Med! Sorry it is not a local place to eat!!!
by luke
willow, just wondering what the name of that eating place is as we are going to malta in a few days.
by luke
any helpful comments on eating out in malta as a vegetarian, places to try, menu type costs etc.
by willow
Luke, I am SO SORRY for not getting back to you, I have been away and this is the first time I have been back on the site for ages.

Did you find any nice places to eat or places to visit? I loved going to Gozo and Valetta was amazing and so sweet. When we eat out we went to a place in Qwara called "The Overflow Restaurant" and it was amazing (you have to book first as it is so popular). It was run by an Australian woman who was so nice and friendly. You even had complementary local drinks after the meal! We also went to a restaurant that did wheat and dairy free foods which is very handy to know as I have a couple of friends that don't eat wheat but I can't remember the name at the moment. I am going to Malta again and will document any good eating places we visit so that others that go might like to try them and then comment on them.

Huge huge apologies to again for not seeing the reply any sooner.
by willow
Well, I didn't find it a problem eating anywhere in Malta really. The restaurant that did wheat and dairy free foods was called "The Luzzo" in Qwara - they even catered for those on the weight watchers diet!! "The Overflow Restaurant" again in Qwara, was as fantastic as ever.
When we went to Valetta for a visit they seemed to have a problem when I said that I don't eat fish!! Fish is a very important part of their diet and I don't think they could understand why I wouldn't eat it!!

"Spago" in Buggiba was very nice.

"The Raddison Hotel" at The Golden Bay was fantastic for food - they had four restaurants within the hotel and they all provide veggetarian food or will accomodatte you.
Anywhere you go, there will be some vegetarian pasta dish that you will be able to eat.
One of the specialities that they do in Malta that is vegetarian is a Garlic and Bean Pate and that really is yummy.

A Maltese drink (non-alcoholic) to try is "Kinnie" and it is made up of bitter oranges and is a fizzy drink like coke but it doesn't taste like it!

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