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Posted FORUM TOPIC: organic food and supermarkets
by Hope
Does anybody have any recommendatons of supermarkets that sell good organic food and choice?
by Vee
I find Tesco have a good variety - but then I am limited to shopping in Tesco unless I want to drive 35-40 minuites to sainsburys (I have heard they are good for a nice selection of organic food)
by Jane
I find Sainsburys very good organic food. Not so good if you have got to travel 35-40 mins to your nearest store!!
by mary
I am afraid that I really don't find Summerfield very good for organic food in general. I love Sainsbury's - sorry Vee it looks like you will have to travel!
by sam
Tesco is good and sainsburys, they put their stock in order so you dont have to go hunting! Asda on the other hand is dreadful. marks n spences are supposed to be the best.
Happy shopping

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