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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Fish
by Krizzy
Do many people have the same problem as me and that is when I go out for a meal and I state that I am vegetarian then they point out what fish options they have? It really annoys me. If people eat fish then they are not really vegetarian. I get the same when I am invited out to friends for a meal. I don't class my self as vegan even though I don't eat most dairy products. What is going on?
by Vee
I seem to remember a famous chef when asked what you can give to a vegetarian to make sure they get the needed vitamins and minerals said that you can feed them with fish as most vegetarians eat it. I know that there were alot of unhappy veggies out there!
by Hannah
I know- people accept I am a vegetarian and then seem surprised that I don't eat fish- it's stupid! So called 'semi-vegetarians' are not real veggies. Anyway, why would someone give up some animals and not all of them? The only reason I can think of is that the land animals appear more fluffy and cute. How shallow.
by Angel
You state that you are a vegetarian, they point out fish options and you explain that vegetarians don't eat fish.

Why is this a problem?
by soy4breakfast

I have been served fish on several occations because people think that a vegetarian eats fish. Too funny.

People won't know unless they are educated (not preached at) and I try and keep a smile on my face when I explain I don't eat anything with a face I am happy when people just try.
by kala
must admit that although being a vegetarian i do enjoy some fish on occasion.
by BarelYThere
Isn't this a pescatorian - or a word spelt in a very similar way to this. It might be something to do with that fact that a number of celebrities not long ago thought it was kind of trendy to say they were vegetarian 'but I eat fish', which meant then that all vegetarians of course ate fish. For me, a vege, is plant matter only (you can throw in milk and cheese) and no flesh food whatsoever.
by snookes
Sorry kala you are not vegetarian if you eat fish at all
by davinamini
You are indeed correct - pescatarian is the correct term for someone who doesn't eat meat but eats fish.

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