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Posted FORUM TOPIC: quorn alternative
by tony
just wondered if anyone has found any other nutritional equivilent to quorn. i just dont like the waxy texture when eating - yeuuk.
by highlighter
I don't know anything that directly replaces it but you can get all the nutrients you need from other foods such as nuts, pulses, friut and veg etc. For me I find it depends on what quorn product you are using because if I use the quorn mince and use it in a sauce for pasta then my kids don't normally notice. Not sure how others feel about it.
by clarabella
I use a textured soya protein. I get a huge bag from the health food shop and it lasts me absolutely ages and is very cheap. I find that quorn mince upsets my tum, so this is a good replacement. Instead of quorn sausages, I have Cauldrons which are good. You can get fake hotdogs too which are lovely, and are great to add to pasta dishes.
by foodsforlife
Yeah it's the egg in it makes it chewy

Try stuff from the Redwoods range - it has more protein in it too.

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