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Posted FORUM TOPIC: picnic
by jojo
any body got any good ideas about what to take on a picnic? I know the weather is cold at the moment but it will soon be time to start again!!!!
by Vee
I always put in little individual cheese quiches - they go down very well!
by Karen
Have you taken along veggie scotch eggs - they go down a treat. I can buy these in Holland and Barrett or I tend to make my own out of minced down Quorn mince.
by Jan
One of my familys favourites;take some quorn fillets slice in to about 3 chunks each,coat with flour,eggs and breadcrumbs(add to these finely chopped onions,a pinch of mixed herbs,and about half a veg stock cube,salt and pepper,or any variation that suits you],coat well and fry in olive or veg oil till deep golden brown.Delicious hot or cold so hide them if you don't want them eaten straight away!
by Karen
Jan - your right they are delicious and they are eaten straight away - I was having to fight off the meat eating members of the group to leave the veggies free to eat them!!
you should also put it under the recipe heading.
by petitspois
Something else that has been recommended to me are sausage rolls made with sos mix and put into puff pastry and cut into sausage roll shapes and they are very nice served hot as well as cold and great for picnics.

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