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Posted FORUM TOPIC: My family's concern is my health
by sam
My family's concern is my health. They feel that I will be missing out on essential vits and minerals now that I am not eating meat. I am not worried about it. I think what they are really worried about is me putting pressure on them to turn veggie and it scares them!!!!
by Vee
Don't worry sam - all the time I have been veggie I have never been low on anything essential. Every now and then I will take some really good multi-vits and minerals but other than that I get what I need from my diet. My family keep hinting that they wouldn't be able to live without meat but then on the other hand they love the veggie food I prepare and on the occation I do a meat version for them and a veggie for me they all taste mine and ask for that on the menu for next time! you never know!
by Jez
a good source of vitamin B12 is marmite!
by Jo
eat a fortified cerial in the morning - it is a good start
by morrisman
I feel that people are a little misguided when they say that you will miss out on certain vitamins etc. For example - people seem to think that the only place you can get calcuim from are dairy products and that is not so. There are many other sources you can get it from.
by soy4breakfast
To live a vegetarian lifestyle I feel one must be very educated on thier lifestyle. People are ALWAYS going to question your eating habits. My advise is to do some internet research on the health benifits of vegetarinaism.

For some reason people feel that we need to justify our lifestyle! While that bothers me to no end I don't see that coming to an end.
by hsinaps
yes always a challenge on ensuring we get the broad range of nutrients.
You can eat meat and still have serious lack of vitamins! Even extremely fat people can be malnourished. Stick to your guns, EAT HEALTHY, fresh fruits, fresh veg, wheat, whole grains, seeds and keep it balanced have a bit of choc every now and again and your be fine!

Also if your female do concider iron supliments loads of veggie ones! You don't have to take them all the time just during your menstrual cycle.

Stay strong.
by BarelYThere
sam - it's not true. If you've ever watched Diet Doctors or something like Supersize Me and seen the effect on a body of eating a lot of meat, you're not going to want to go there. Your family probably just don't want you to turn into an alien to them, but sounds like they love your food and get to eat theirs - sorry that's Vee. Don't put pressure on them. In fact, seem disinterested in all things vege, but let them see and smell your cooking and they might get tempted as you completely ignore them.

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