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Posted FORUM TOPIC: Vegetarian eating out
by Vee
Help! Any suggestions of good places to eat veggie food? Lots of places serve veggie lasagne and not much else! I wonder how many people would enjoy eating out if all they had for choice was meat lasange and nothing else?
by mbros
I stayed in a fantastic B&B and they did a wonderful veggie breakfast and they were so nice about all my questions I was asking!! I was grateful to have a cooked breakfast that didn't just include baked beans and fried eggs! - The B&B is The Junipers, 3 Juniper Rd, Firsdown, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 1SS. Well worth a try
by boo
I know what you mean Vee - people would soon get fed up of eating the same food everytime they went out!
by Stevo
Just a warning for vegetarians that don't know - burger king and McDonalds do not cook there vegetarian food seperately to fish products. I don't eat fish so that really bugged me.
by redsky
Stevo -- it is discusting that the companies are aloud to get away with things like that. I think everyone should have a veggie working for them - we look out for each other. When I worked in a restaurant, I made sure everything was seperate and the menu catered for vegetarians and vegans. Not been back for such a long time so not sure if the menu is as good. redsky
by Vee
stevo, you made a good point. I did know about Burger King and I no longer eat there (not that I did very often anyway). I don't eat fish either and I really don't like the idea of my vegetarian meal being cooked in the same oil. Vee
by sue
Tesco do nice veggie food but make sure you ask the if it is vegetarian cheese that they use. I did this once and they weren't using vegetarian cheese but to their credit they did go and get some for me.
by jojo
I am finding chinese restaurants not as bad as they used to be. There are a lot more things on the menu to choose from. I did once order a chinese takeaway and I asked very specificaly for a vegetarian spring roll and when it arrived I took a huge bite out of it and it was...yes a meat one - I spent a long time sat by the loo being sick! Now I double check my food before eating it!!
by sweetpea
I haven't been in Weatherspoons for a long time and I found that there menu is quite good. When I looked on the menu under the wraps, I found one that looks vege but when I asked they said the dressing on it, is not vege - it has fish in it - gutting. Never mind the five bean chilli is really good and the desserts are classed as vege so always a plus!! There are loads of Weatherspoons around.
by bubs
jojo - poor you eating the meat spring roll, it sounded really discusting. I will be extra careful now!
by mbros
I have just recently eaten in a Beefeater (name is kind of off putting, I know!) and I was pleasantly suprised about the choice on the menu. I had the sunday roast for vegetarians and it was really nice and came with a little jug of vegetable gravy as the others had beef gravy poured over their meals automatically. The rest of the menu did look good as well and the puddings have marked if it is veggie or not. I am not sure that all the menus are the same in the different Beefeaters around the country, but it might be worth popping in!
by Chris
In response to Stevo i just thought i would mention tht McDonalds have Vegetarian society approval, and that requires no cross contmination details can be found here: and a list of all McDonalds Veggi suitable products here:
by ruth
try the ridgeway by Axminster. We have been there several times and they have a good selection.
by vee
Chris's point about McDonalds having the Vegetarian society approval is good. I have kept away from McDonalds because of my own experience with Burger King but at least I have an option open to me now.
by vee
My husband and I went to a fantastic Indian resturant in Yeovil, Somerset. I would recommend it to anyone! The choice of vegetarian food was brilliant and the service was absolutely fantastic - I was checked on a couple of times to make sure my vegetarian food was good. If you have a chance and you are in the area go to "AKASH" - 101 middle street, Yeovil, Somerset. Tel 01935 472352
by hsinaps
I have heard that the Moles Club, one of the UK's best live music venues that serves brilliant vegetarain food - I have not personally been there so if anybody does check this out could they let me know and I only live 1hr from Bath and if it is worth it then I will go!!
Check out Eat and two veg (London, 2 mins from Baker street) the food an't massively healthy but it proper wkd if you want a flame grilled veggie / vegan burger! No meat is even allowed in the building.
by kirsty
We once asked if the chips at mcdonalds were vegetarian and were told that they wen't cooked in animal fat, near foods that were once alive, touched with the same meaty things (utensils)... I wonder if it depends which McDonalds you go to?
by hk1
Hi, my friend and I put together our favourite veggie friendly restaurants in London and abroad. The restaurants aren't fully vegetarian, but provide nice veg choices. check it out

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