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Viewed: 1997 -- Replies: 4
Posted FORUM TOPIC: Looking for dietary supplements
by bobby
Can anybody recommend a good suppliment to take? I have mixed views from people that I talk to about what is best.
by Vee
I was recommended to take Solus vitamins - the quality is excellent. I have been warned that the cheaper varieties do not always have the goodness that they suggest. I have to admit all the time I have been a vegetarian, I have never been anemic or lacking in the vital vits.
by lee
I have heard that as a result of the quality of food not being so good nowadays, we do lack some minerals and vitamins and so I was told it was important to take a suppliment
by sam
I personally feel you can get so much from a very good diet without taking any additional vitamins and minerals. There are foods now that are fortified with different vitamins and minerals and I feel that a lot more companies are aware of what people are starting to require for a good diet and are now coming around to introducing it into their products.
by olivia
I have found that the vegan style diet is very good. I didn't go strictly vegan but cut out dairy. I had everything nutrients wise in my diet and it was very balanced. Even though some of the foods were high in fat, they are the right foods and it is good fat.

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