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Recipes Home » Desserts » Toblerone fondue with amaretti biscuits

Posted on 05/25/2006, 08:19 by mbros
Toblerone fondue with amaretti biscuits
Serves 2
50g/1ľoz almonds, crushed
200g/7oz Toblerone (or you could use whatever chocolate you want), melted
6 amaretti biscuits or however many you want really until all the chocolate has gone.
This is a very easy but yummy dessert to do!

Melt down the Toblerone chocolate
Mix the crushed almonds into the melted Toblerone in a bowl.
Carefully place each amaretti biscuit onto a wooden skewer.
3. To serve, place the bowl of melted chocolate onto a plate with the biscuit skewers alongside.