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Recipes Home » Desserts » Orange Sundae with amaretti biscuits

Posted on 05/12/2006, 07:53 by sue
Orange Sundae with Amaretti biscuits
220/8oz double cream, whipped
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 orange, zest only
16 amaretti biscuits, crushed
4 orange, peeled and sliced
cocoa powder, for garnish

Serves 4

Place the whipped cream in a bowl, add the vanilla extract and the orange zest, and gently fold all the ingredients together.
Place the crushed amaretti biscuits in the bottom of a sundae glass.
Place three slices of orange on top of the biscuits.
Next place two tablespoons of the cream mixture on top of the orange slices.
Repeat with the layering until all the orange slices and all of the cream has been used.
Dust over with cocoa powder and serve.