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Recipes Home » Desserts » Lime cheesecake

Posted on 05/02/2006, 11:39 by Vee
Lime Cheesecake


base - 3oz butter
1x250gm shortbread biscuits crushed

Filling - 2x200gm Full fat soft cheese
1x397gm can of Carnaiton Condensed Milk

4 Limes - zest and juice

bitter chocolate for the top


Crush biscuits

Melt butter and add to the biscuits and put in a loose bottomed 9inch tim and chill.

wisk cheese, Milk & Lime zest & juice in a large bowl for 5 mins until thick adn glossy

Spoon over biscuit base and chill

Place on a serving plate and drizzle the melted chocolate and chill.